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2RedBeans is the largest dating platform for ethnic Chinese in North America and UK. Our investors include Will Bunker, President of Match.com.

We invite people who are passionate about helping others to find meaningful and fulfilling relationships to join us. Together, we make the world a better place.

想要和硅谷强有力的梦想家团队一起打拼?一身武艺无处发挥?想创业却要养家糊口?找不到女朋友/男朋友? 来两颗红豆吧!股权工资H1B样样有。2RedBeans 是海外最大的华人婚恋交友平台,我们是 Match.com 创办人 Will Bunker 投资的唯一华人交友平台。我们的梦想是让全世界的华人都有一个幸福美满的家庭。

Matchmaker 高端婚恋顾问
Position created: Mar 2, 2017
Location: Vancouver, Toronto, Los Angeles
基本要求:    •    你会是我们公司以上地区的第一位成员,必须有严格的自律能力和独立工作能力。    •    学历:本科毕业及以上,有硕士或博士学位的优先,有心理学或社会学背景的优先    •    真诚,人品好, 不judgemental, 坚守职业道德    •    情商高,沟通能力和理解能力强    •    喜欢social, 喜欢和人打交道,对婚恋配对有热情,从心底里喜欢帮助他人    •    勤奋,执行能力强,细心,strong organization skills    •    有主动性,自我学习能力强,能自己解决问题、克服困难,有能力独立工作    •    有最少2年工作或实习经验,无需相关专业知识和背景    •    中英双语流利 你会学到:    •    像创业者一样,有效的发现问题,痛点,理解用户心理和需求;思考并和团队一起探索、尝试解决方案。    •    在帮助公司成长的同时,快速成长自我。    •    我们是创业公司,你希望尝试并有信心和热情的方向,我们都会尽力配合,让你有所体验和发展。 工作职责:    •    分析并挖掘我们可提供优质服务的用户,签约新用户    •    搜索、筛选和面谈符合客户要求的单身,帮客户配对    •    定期follow up客户,安排约会及收集约会反馈,帮助客户更顺畅有效的交流    •    配合Dating Coach,给客户提供有建设意义的建议    •    保证客户满意度,配对成功率    •    通过两颗红豆现有资源以及合作渠道,丰富高端婚恋免费配对数据库 薪资报酬:    •    基本工资+签单服务提成。年薪$55,000 - $90,000    •    3个月Training/Probation。正式入职后持公司原始股    •    H1B, Health Insurance, 401K Interested parties may contact jobs@2redbeans.com. Please include your resume and references to any past work that demonstrates your accomplishments whenever possible.

Marketing/Business Development Intern
Position created: Mar 2, 2017
Location: Pleasanton, CA, USA
Requirements:    •    Creative and free spirited.    •    Understanding of basic marketing strategies    •    You are a do-er, not just a dreamer    •    Good analytical skills    •    Good writing skills in Chinese and English    •    Interest in entrepreneurship a plus Job Functions:    •    Come up with and execute effective marketing strategies.    •    Help with organizing events.    •    Contact major online forums and Chinese associations around the globe to expand our relationship and collaboration with them. What you get out of this:    •    Experience with online/offline    •    marketing with real world startups    •    Networking with silicon valley entrepreneurs and angel investors    •    Experience on business development, collaboration and negotiation skills Interested parties may contact jobs@2redbeans.com. Please include your resume and references to any past work that demonstrates your accomplishments whenever possible.

Marketing Manager
Position created: June 1, 2016
Location: Pleasanton, CA, USA
Requirement:    •    Has a bachelor's degree in marketing or business related field. An MBA is preferred.    •    Has past experience in running offline marketing campaigns.    •    Has basic knowledge in digital marketing, including google ads, social network marketing.    •    Has lead a team of more than 3 people before.    •    Has first hand experience in conducting customer research, creating, planning, and executing marketing campaigns.    •    Good communicator. Great work ethics.    •    Fluent in speaking and written Chinese and English a must. Job Functions:    •    Managing the entire marketing team. Plan and review monthly, quarterly and annual goals and milestones of each team member.    •    Conducting and supervising market research for current and upcoming products.    •    Plan promotional experiments and campaigns, and managing business development activities.    •    Driving efforts relating to gain new market expansion, and providing strategic plans based on market analysis to attain business development goals.    •    Analyzing data to create marketing reports on customer activity.    •    Working with the product team to provide feedbacks and new insights into customer needs.    •    Working with the matchmaking team for effective marketing strategy to reach potential customers.    •    Collaborating with PR manager, directing marketing and media relations efforts, including press releases, media events, media relations, interviews, and providing information from the press.