About us
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Jeff Shi
Jeff’s passion for engineering and building things that benefit his community led him to team up with Q at 2Redbeans. He helped design the initial user interface and built the product from its ideation stage to a polished product launch. Prior to 2Redbeans, Jeff co-founded InstantQ, a Y-Combinator funded company. Jeff holds an M.S. degree in Engineering and Management from MIT.
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Patrick Amihood
Patrick Amihood co-founded 2RedBeans in 2010, suggesting the name to Q while having dou sha bao for dessert during a late night coding sprint. Patrick advises 2RedBeans and leads ambient sensing at Google, where he founded Soli, a new sensing and interaction paradigm using radar to understand human motion. He graduated from UCSD with a Ph.D. in ECE and Cornell University with a B.A. in Physics.
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Paul Lo
Paul Lo has a MS in computer science at Stanford University and a BA in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He was a Technologist and Director of Engineering at Yahoo, consultant for Paypal and Principle at BCG. His passion for food drove him to create the startup FoodStream prior to joining 2RedBeans as a co-founder. He is very excited on applying the AI technology to 2RedBeans.
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Q Zhao
Q co-founded 2RedBeans after realizing that many Asian Americans are looking for partners with a similar culture background. Her husband and she met on 2RedBeans after 2RedBeans launched in Jan. 2011. Q went to Xi'an Jiaotong University when she was 14. She now has a Ph.D degree in ECE from UCSD. She was featured in the Business Insider as a fearless entrepreneur.
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Will Bunker
Will Bunker , co-founder of the online dating service that became Match.com, the world’s largest dating site. Serial entrepreneur and angel investor. He is passionate on helping young entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams.